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Week in Photos: Walking in LA

This is an Instagram most photographed site — #ladyofthelake

When I got back to Los Angeles 10 days ago, I was feeling pretty out of shape. This was confirmed when I went to mat pilates and it just about killed me. So I decided to start walking A LOT.  Initially, the plan was to walk around Echo Park Lake every day for a week. But that turned out to be pretty easy. I even did it twice some days. I started listening to the Hunger Games on my phone which helped motivate me and make the walks go by quickly. I even walked to the Farmer’s Market last week instead of driving which was a first for me. Things are going so well, I decided to up the ante. I’m going to walk around the park every day for 30+ days. You can follow the highlights of my park wanderings and make sure I keep on task on Instagram.

The paddle boats are back! I love that I live in the middle of a city but I am only a 5 minute walk away from paddle boats and canoes.

It would be really nice if our manhole covers were made in California.

The lotuses are so colorful. — I’m kind of worried about them. They put netting over them to protect them this season but they are overgrowing it and the flowers are smashing up into the netting.

I am pretty Echo Park Lake obsessed right now. It just reopened after a major renovation and I’m still really excited about it. So be warned there will will probably be a lot of EPL posts for the next few weeks till I get it out of my system. I’ll try to make it interesting.

Get up and go for a walk every day this week — it will make you feel alive!

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