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Week in Photos: Start of Summer

On the first day of summer, Jody and Tim frolicking inside the Jesús Rafael Soto sculpture, Penetrabile at LACMA.

On Monday I flew to Florida to meet up with Jonathan. After some meetings in Orlando we drove down to Miami Beach for the weekend.

I finally got to wear this orange croqueted dress I bought in Uruguay last year. I had been saving it for a special occasion. Actually I couldn’t figure out what shoes would go with it, but Jonathan convinced me that silver goes with everything. It has been raining and overcast all week and today was the first blue sky I have seen in Florida. Here we are walking down the boardwalk to the Fountainebleau Miami Beach — more photos of the Fountainbleau soon, I am writing a post on it.

Today we went hunting for the Osklen store (one of my favorites) in Miami Beach and came across this architectural gem — check out the corner of this parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road! The mall complex was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and opened 2-3 years ago.

Also at 1111 Lincoln Road — I loved the water features and landscape/paving designed by Raymond Jungles. It was clearly inspired by Roberto Burle Marx, but felt contemporary and a bit more playful. It was hugely successful at elevated the retail space/experience and making it feel like you were in a world class park.  As crazy as the architecture was, I was absorbed in the plants, water and the tactile quality of the ground. I wish 1111 was back in LA so I could visit more often.

Wow – it’s 2:31 am and I am curled up on a coach in a hotel room. I need to get to sleep.

Have a great 4th of July and holiday weekend everyone! Be safe.