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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Cauldron Malfunctions

If you were closely following the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games on Friday night/Saturday morning %u2014 you might have been taken back to the 2000 Sydney, Australia Summer Olympics, when the Aussie cauldron simply refused to climb a slope.

A similar situation ensued tonight in Vancouver. To describe in words, the cauldron in completion was to be composed of four legs which would rise from the Olympic Stadium%u2019s floor to meet a central cauldron at the center of the stadium floor. Unfortunately, after an awkward five minutes, only three of the four legs arose, leaving a 3/4-completed cauldron, if you will.

Bluntly, the look on Wayne Gretzky%u2019s face (along the with the 3 other final torch-bearers) was priceless. Surely something not to be forgotten.

NBC%u2019s fairly stringent with Olympic content on the web, but if we come across video, we%u2019ll post it up.


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