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Tweets Week of 2009-09-19

  • Lima bound. Need to shut off phone. #
  • @doyleimage I don't think anyone takes drugs *to* Lima in reply to doyleimage #
  • reorg my iphone apps to optimize for travel; last minute packing additions like ziplock of coffee and book on tax law, mosquito wipes #
  • Reading up on altitude sickness, we are basically coming from sea level so bigger chance of problems. #
  • My luggage clocked in at 29.4 lbs without me taking anything out. Not too bad! #
  • Is now the proud owner of a white REI rain coat. It makes me look like I am about to launch on the space shuttle. Seriously. Halloween? #
  • Bad bad scissors. Someone needs to teach me how to cut my bangs. I will need to get them fixed on the road #
  • 3 days till Peru. Running around getting ready – packing, banking, HTML, waxing, writing, lists #

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