Tweets from LA 2009-10-13

  • Opening mail, catching up on email and making piles. Lots of fun stuff to post this week… #
  • Places I want to go right now: Hawaii, the Ivory Coast of Africa, the Kentucky Derby, land art road trip, Grand Canyon, Cleveland. You? #
  • – It is always carnival in Rio #
  • Romantic vegetarian meal in Palermo, Buenos Aires: Bangalore. #
  • Dirty secret: 10 hour day at the office and then I came home and read 3 Enquirers and fell asleep on the couch. #
  • Errrrrrrr. Scratched my face again with my glam 1930's engagement ring. Ouch! I swear I will get the hang of wearing it soon. Love it. #
  • Hello @johnny66! Dinner is ready. #