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Top of the Morning from Lima

Eating pain au chocolat in bed while Jonathan reads me the international headlines and DJ’s music on his iphone.

We got into Lima about 1am and walked to the Ramada Costa del Sol. It is right at the airport and super convenient. I highly recommend it.  The check in desk is like 3oo feet from customs. They have an all night bar and restaurant.  I had delicious pasta at 2 am which made me very happy and sleepy.  Then we watch some very old black and white Peruvian horror movie in Spanish in bed. It had a creepy dismembered hand walking around the room on it’s fingers. It had subtitles but they were bizarre.

This morning we have been hanging out in the hotel room charging various phones, cameras, computers, electronic cigarettes, etc.  Heading back across street to airport within an hour to get flight to Cusco.

A driver will  picking us up at Cusco Airport and drive us to Ollanta.  We will stay there for 2 days and explore the Valley of the Incas and then take the train to Aguas Calientes. We will use Aguas Calientes as a base to explore Machu Pichu for 2 days.

Jonathan just said that he thinks there should be a law that pain au chocolat should be available everywhere. I agree.