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Bremerton Harborside Fountain Park in Winter

Last week I got back in touch with a classmate that I hadn’t seen since we were in high school together at Laurel School, in Cleveland. Phuong Phan-McManamna is now an architect and LEED AP in Seattle. She and her family now live in Bremerton, Washington and like to play at the Bremerton Harborside water features.

Phuong sent me these pictures that she shot at Bremerton Harborside Fountain Park earlier this week. She is an amazing photographer. It is really hard to capture water. I love the sparkly holiday lights reflecting across the pools. The whole park looks like a  magical winter wonderland. I haven’t been up to Bremerton during the holidays so it was really exciting to see these pics. Thanks Phuong! It is great to be back in touch.









Photo credit: Phuong Phan-McManamna

January 21, 2010 0
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Snaps: Emscher Park, Germany


I visited Emscher Park, in Duisberg, Germany in May of 2000. Backpacking in Europe by myself,  I made a trip to Duisberg just to see the park.  I think it was only a year or two old at the time. Peter Latz, the landscape architect, was teaching at PENN at the time. I was going to silkscreen t-shirts that said ” I heart Emscher Park” when I got home that summer but I never got around to it.

There are a lot of wonderful details in the park: thick industrial walls cut as doorways, garden rooms, unexpected views, and simple playscapes for kids.  I didn’t like how tied down all the trees were but I think it is sort of a German aesthetic.

If you are interested in learning about the brownfield aspects of this project check out the EPA website: Emscher Park Case Study | Brownfields and Land Revitalization | US EPA.

January 4, 2010 0
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Walk: Hyperion Avenue


Here are some of the highlights of a walk we took yesterday from Intelligensia (@Sunset Blvd & Santa Monica) up to Ballar Hardware on Hyperion Avenue, in Silverlake. Most of the pictures are taken along a one mile stretch of Hyperion that is not very walkable. I have driven it a 1000 times but couldn’t really remember anything that was on that part of the street. Walking the street allowed us to discover all sorts of interesting moments. Not only did we see a lot of architectural and landscape details but we found 3 restaurants that we want to check out: Barbrix (wine bar), Vietnamese Soy Cafe, & Casito del Campo.

Slick on any of the images to see more on Flickr.

January 3, 2010 0
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