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Jonathan and I are curled up in bed trying to warm up from the rain. We are staying at the Apu Lodge, a B&B in Ollantaytambo. It was about a 90 minute drive through the mountains from Cusco. I think we are about half way down the valley between Cusco and Machu Picchu. We arrived here late in the afternoon. There are a lot of interesting ruins nearby that we are going to explore tomorrow.

The part of the town that we are staying in is pedestrian. The cab stopped in the main plaza and they ported our suitcases on peoples heads to climb up narrow stone pathways. It was about a 10 minute. I am trying to adjust to altitude.

We walked back into town for dinner. There are a lot of hippie cafes and tiny pizza shops. I had spaghetti and garlic bread. Jonathan had a pretty fancy looking pizza. I tried coca tea and liked it. It is somewhat similar to green tea. There were loud Australian girls sitting at next table that talked too much.

It started raining on the walk home and the cobble paths are very slippery. Luckily Jonathan had his headlight so we could see.

Resting and reading up on things we want to see tomorrow.