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My Gratitude List | 2015


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. You get to be with people you care about, cook delicious winter foods and reflecting on the meaning of life. For me, this beats candy, presents and confetti.

I try to make a gratitude list everyday (usually in my head), in the morning when I do my affirmations. But I’m usually in a rush and it often doesn’t happen. Thanksgiving offer a reminder and an opportunity to sit down and reflect on these things. It is kind of a catch up day, for the things we should be grateful for everyday.

My Gratitude List  | 2015

That no one was hurt in the fender bender I was in this week 

Shelter & heat

That I have shoes to protect my feet

Time to watching my garden grow

For always meeting new people

For clients who have become friends

Home made veggie soup

That my blonde hair hides my gray hairs

For living in Los Angeles, with exciting things happening around me

Grocery delivery

Farmer’s Market

For Bear who takes great care of me and indulges me in countless ways

For being allowed to sleep on the couch all night

For the old age of youth

For our National Parks

For water that flows out of taps

For living in a city where there are no bombs going off

For being 41 years old and still having 3 living grandparents

For feeling safe

For having seen enough of the world, that my wanderlust is satisfied

For my old friends who have known me since I was 14

For blogging

For helping people make their lives and homes more the way they want them to be

For plants, who are my friends

For the friends and family we have sadly lost this year

For having some extra time to live

For my books, even though I don’t have time to read them

For Brussel Sprouts, which used to be my least favorite

For being ok with failure

For forgiving myself when things don’t work out as planned

For space exploration






What are you grateful for this year?