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Hot Links: 7.23.13


palmtreesPalm tree screen hiding a gas tank – Key West, Florida.

My weekly round up of hot links:

  • It’s July. Have a few extra tomatoes? Make this stunning, super quick recipe in 5 minutes.
  • Central Park could have had a lot more topiary – beautiful drawings of a different design that could have been built.
  • A young Spanish woman’s essay about why she doesn’t shave (anything).
  • The most incredible 3-D printed objects.
  • It totally makes sense, but now it is proven: upbeat music improves our moods. Now I know why I’ve had Icono Pop’s I Love it on repeat all summer.
  • Is this the future? UK just spends $90M to build plane that can fly anywhere in the world in 4 hours.
  • Strategies for working from home and not losing your mind.  Note: My strategy is having my office in a separate building in my backyard.
  • Models to follow on Instagram. Fashion-y.
  • Having a hard time saving? Try making it into a game.
  • Fun and totally useful roundup of Emily Henderson’s top 14 interior design posts. + She explains why so many bloggers are Mormon!
  • How to make people feel extra special. You know, loved.
  • No more wardrobe malfunctions. I’m going to make one of these kits.
  • Why you should always flush the toilet with the lid down. (You might just want to take my word on this one.)
  • Watch a 10-minute short ‘Aquadettes’ about seniors at Leisure World (my mother-in-law lives there) who are synchronized swimmers and how one uses medical marijuana.

What I am up to this week:  It doesn’t sound glamorous, but I’m busy getting a ton of things done. Client projects. Writing. Top secret things. It’s pretty hot and I am avoiding turning on the AC, but I might breakdown soon. Today was my 17th day in a row walking around Echo Park Lake, I’m trying for at least 30 consecutive days. I finished listening to the Audible version of the Hunger Games and then we watched the movie last weekend. Personally, I enjoyed the book a lot more. I started listening to Cloud Atlas for my book club, but so far I am not that into it. Listening to ye olde English right when I wake up in the AM is too much for me. I’m trying to power through. The garden is booming, although I have pretty much been ignoring it. I harvested onions, tomatoes, strawberries, cilantro, chives and beans this week. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend! And organizing my husband’s shoes. You know, fun stuff.