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Heading out soon

We are heading off to Peru tomorrow.┬áThe weather report looks like a lot of rain in Cusco. I’m making my last minute decisions about how many pairs if shoes & dresses to pack. I have been encouraged by many friends on Facebook to pack light and buy a new wardrobe in Argentina. So, I guess I need to unpack a few things, but it’s kind of painful.

I just called AT&T to add their international data plan to that I can use my iPhone for email and blogging on the road. I signed up for the 100 MB plan that is $119 a month. I was going to get the 50 MB plan but discovered that I used 80 MG last month just being in LA. I guess it is better to be on the safe side.

I am going to forward my incoming phone calls to my Google Voice number. That way I don’t get charged plus the messages will be turned into text emails.

I am not sure how the text messaging works. Is that data?