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Evernote + 1dollarscan = Organized Life

I have been using Evernote for a couple of years, mainly to create drafts of correspondence and to keep track of ideas. I particularly love using it to organize my recipes and web clippings. That being said, I wasn’t really making full use of it, but I did have a premium account ($5.00 a month) that made my documents searchable and gave me more space.

As part of our organizing project my husband and I have been trying to move in the direction of being paperless. A few years ago we bought a Fujitsu document scanner, which in theory could be used to scan a lot of our stuff. But the reality is that we have TOO MUCH STUFF and it would take like 2 years of evenings and weekends to scan and organize it ourselves.

So — we decided that we need to send out the back log to get professionally scanned. After some online research we started sending off boxes of paper documents each month to in San Jose, California. They scan everything and post documents to an FTP and we download them and organized them on our RAID.

This has been working well for us for the last 6+ months. But I was really excited to see that is now partnering with Evernote! So when I mail off boxes of paper documents they magically turn into Evernotes on my computer. It is like MAGIC. I don’t have to do anything! I just drop off the boxes at the post office.

So needless to say I decided to double down on Evernote and have been looking for more way to use it to organize my life.

Here is one new thing I am doing – I’m using Evernote to organize my Test Garden. I used my iPhone to photograph all the seed packets, both front and back. I can then use the notes to keep track of when and where we planted the seeds and add pictures of the grown plants, harvest, etc.


I’ll make another post soon on all the ways I am using Evernote. I keep thinking of new ideas! Family genealogy soon…