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We Eloped in Bali 3 Years Ago

3 Years Ago Today…

Jonathan and I eloped and got married in a private ceremony in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia). We had a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony (Hindu) in the garden at the Indus Restaurant. The ceremony, the food, the decorations – everything was stunning!

Long Distance Planning

We planned the whole wedding online and I really didn’t know what to expect. I kept telling myself to have low expectations so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Our photographer Tonny Trisnawan was really fabulous and stepped in and arranged our wardrobe, hired a make-up/hair stylist and drove to and from the ceremony. The team at Indus Restaurant blew us away with the elaborate decorations, their beautiful terraced garden and the amazing food! It all came together and far exceeded our expectations!

Big Hair

What you don’t realize when you look at these pictures is that I am straining to hold my head up! The 75+ hair picks (ornaments) that together composed my headdress weighed more than a laptop (like maybe 8-9 lbs)! It was crazy heavy and created a lot of neck strain. I would take breaks every few minutes and use my hands to hold up my head. Luckily I only had to have in on for a few hours.  I can’t complain though, because it was fabulous and totally worth the pain.

More Indonesia

Three years ago, when we were on our wedding trip, we promised that we would return to Bali for our tenth anniversary. We want to travel to Jakarta and some of the other islands and do some more snorkeling. It once seemed really far off, but I just realized it is only seven years away now! We are going to get Ethiopian food this weekend to celebrate.

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Have you been to Bali?
How do you celebrate your anniversary?