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Blog Cha-Cha-Changes!

You might have noticed that is starting to look a lot different! The transformation is not complete yet, but I wanted to explain what is happening behind the scenes.

I have been blogging since 2004, originally on Blogger with a blog called Where is the World is Patty?. I was traveling overseas for work at the time and I was tired of emailing my family to let them know where I was (this was pre-Facebook/Twitter), so I created a blog so that they know I was still alive. I didn’t really expect anyone else to read it, but some people found it and it developed a few fans. Like, for example, my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s co-workers at Progressive Insurance read my blog and discussed it regularly at lunch. My grandma liked it. I made a few friends with other people who had similar interests in other parts of the world. Most of all I enjoyed writing it as a travel diary.

Old Blog – circa 2012

Then in 2009 my life changed when I started my own design studio, BREAKurban and I got married a few month later.  My husband, Jonathan, suggested I move my blog to WordPress and start blogging on my own platform, so I did. I wasn’t traveling as much anymore so I had to find new things to talk about, like renovating our 1907 Craftsman in Echo Park and my garden. I started writing a few how-to posts. I could tell the blog was evolving (slowly and awkwardly) from a personal blog just about my life to something that would be of interest to a broader group of readers.

I have been mulling this change over now for a couple of years. I have been stuck on big issues like branding, and my message. I didn’t want to put a lot of time on the blog until I could figure out where I was going. I have done a lot of thinking about the things I like to write about: gardens, plants, travel, home organization, automation, life coaching, etc.  And I realized that the common theme is about personal growth and improving our environments to make them more productive and joyful. I often write about gardens and plants but I don’t think of this as a typical garden blog. I see gardening and related skills like cooking as basic life skills that make us think and function better at whatever we want to achieve in life. So, I decided to call the blog PATTY HUME : GROW. The blog is about plants but it is equally about personal growth and trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. The new tagline is “Growing your garden and your life”.

The new WordPress Theme for the blog is Canvas by Woo Themes. I choose it for a couple of reasons: it is very customizable so that when I inevitably need to change the look of the site a lot I can do it without changing the theme and it is Woo Commerce enabled so I can add a store in the future (I might want to sell things in the future!).

I am starting to introduce some features to the blog: Back Kitchen, Test Garden, In California, Smart Home, On the Road. I’ll post more about them soon.

Next month I am going to a blogging and branding workshop called Blogcademy in Los Angeles. It is a 2-day workshop for people who want to take their blogs and personal branding to the next level. This couldn’t come at a better time for me and I look forward to learning a lot to help me make PATTY HUME : GROW even better. So stay tuned for growing!