Awesome Plant: Dymondia margaretae

Dymondia margaretae is a great drought tolerant ground cover from South Africa.

2″ tall, carpet like ground cover, silver-green, yellow flowers.
Stands up to pedestrian traffic, does not need to be mowed.

Perfect for parkways and between pavers on garden paths. Can also be used a lawn replacement.

Full to partial

Prefers sandy, avoid heavy soils (NOTE: I am growing this in Echo Park where they soil is a moderately heavy clay. I replaced the top 3-4 inches with a ligher soil and have had good luck so far.)

Very drought tolerant, has deep roots. May need additional water in climates with intense heat

We used Dymondia in 2010 on a series of wide parkways in Santa Monica. Note that it is planted from flats, with clumps of the plant laid out on a grid. The Dymondia spreads out over time. Within 1-2 years the entire bed should be evenly covered with Dymondia.

Here is an image of a Dymondia “lawn” completely grown in.

I used sections of Dymondia on my parkway, alternating with areas of succulents.