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As Sophie Kachinsky on Two Broke Girls says, “That’s right! I’m back!”

Thanks for your patience while I took some time off from blogging in 2014. I plan to be writing weekly in 2015. Blogging about real estate, gardens, growing our lives to be more the way we want them to be, trips, food, history, etc.

2014 was an incredible year for me professionally, growing both Patty Hume Real Estate and BREAKurban. I think it is fair to say it was my busiest year ever. It brought a lot of great triumphs and challenges. It was exciting and exhausting. Running two businesses forced me to find lots of ways to organize and automate my life, which I’ll be writing about. It’s a challenge to have the discipline to write regularly, when there are so many urgent things going on, but it is really rewarding.

Besides being crazy busy, part of the reason I took some time off from blogging was that I was trying to figure out how my design and real estate lives overlap. I thought about keeping them separate, with two websites, but the more I thought about it real estate, landscape and travel are closely intertwined. They are all about creating an experience, a sense of place and home. So I’ve decided to keep writing about ALL my interested here at It’s a little bit eclectic and I hope you enjoy it.

I want my main feed,, to continue to be of interest to people around the world. With that in mind my real estate posts that are of a more local (LA, neighborhood) interest will not show up in my main blog feed, but only on a sub-page I call Real Estate Blog under Real Estate in the top header.

Wishing you a happy and joy filled 2015!