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Weekly Tweets: Los Angeles 2010-01-02

  • 12 things that became obsolete this decade: land line, FAX, film, hand written letters, CDs, classifieds, encyclopedia #
  • Gracias!! RT @ParqueDelEste: Que bien ! RT @whereispatty Land/Arch Pics: (…) @Parque del Este – Roberto Burle Marx #
  • Dishes from @heathceramics packed in Expandos – green alt to popcorn. Check it out Video: #
  • More: Apartment Therapy post on ExpandOS – Crate & Barrel uses them too! #
  • Decade in Design (year by year): #
  • Neighborhood branding. "What if there was a lower west side?" #
  • interesting @narrowstreetsla altered pics of LA Streets to make them narrower. Sunset Blvd: + #
  • XBox for xmas… and suggestions on fun games to play? I am more into Tetris/Space Invaders /Pacman then killing people in 3-D #
  • Just made reservations @parkrestaurant for New Year's Eve! #
  • Cubicles are the Phone Booths of the Future : Essay by @benjamin_gran #
  • SO… I decided to change my last name when I get married in 2010. I am changing my name to Patricia Ann Lundeen Hume… or Patty Hume. #
  • too bad RT @highlysocial: Sixth artLA show, faced with poor economy and new competition, is canceled #
  • 2010 resolution: Buy a reusable water bottle + use it! 80% of 28 billion single serve bottles end up n landfills. Sigg: #
  • Good for u! RT @_bkt: down with internet censorship! just made an official request for Dubai to UNBLOCK #
  • Happy New Year everyone! Have a great 2010! #
  • #tenyearsago today I passed out in a grocery store in W. Phili. EMT thought I might be pregnant. I was not. #
  • #tenyearsago I lived at Spruce and 45 St, in Phili and was finishing grad school at PENN and working at Rohm & Haas as a web designer #
  • If you are interested in my landscape/architecture/ water /urban posts please follow me at @BREAK_urban. #
  • I am changing my last name to Hume when I get married soon. I am starting to transfer my online identity over in preparation. #
  • if you want 2 continue reading my personal tweets please follow me @PattyHume – I am going to stop broadcasting from @whereispatty soon #
  • The water features of Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy: #fountainfriday #waterfeature #
  • Thanks tetris splash looks great! RT @partymomma tetris splash #

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