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Tweets from Lima 2009-10-11

  • Best trip ever. #
  • Seated among 20 self medicating sorority girls on flight Lima to LA. Hopefully they will be entirely sedated very soon. #
  • Wandering Lima. Chilly. Coca tea + chocolate cake. Visiting historic buildings, veggie cafe, bead shop, big plazas. Our old hotel amazing! #
  • There is an amazing oldies station in Lima. Anyone know what it is? #
  • Dancing in a towel to James Brown playing on a 1920's radio BUILT into my nightstand at the Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima. 15' ceilings. $40. #
  • viru viru airport in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Emergency medical landing. Someone on plane sick. Waiting in plane. #
  • Choking on air pollution in Sao Paulo early in am. River full of icky foam. Parts of city look like San Francisco/Shanghai/Gary, Indiana #

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