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Tweets from Sao Paulo 2009-10-10

  • Window shopping for shoes ( w camera) at 1am on Rue Oscar Freire, Sao Paulo. Late night dinner at vintage diner Frevo. Long great day. #
  • Cleveland, want to know where your jobs went? Look in Sao Paulo. Driving through a vast sea of industry. This city is HUGE. #
  • Still on a bus in Brazil. Saw the biggest bathroom EVER at rest stop. I think 4 bus loads of women could pee and wash hands in under 90 sec! #
  • Jonathan says I am making it sound worse than it is. #
  • Sitting on a bus to Sao Paulo. Dark. Windows fogged up. People yelling. Baby crying. Pringles. Cookies. iPhone. Ears popping. Bit car sick. #
  • Last night: raining, mud, dark, bad roads, long hike from hotel to Paraty. Found super charming 16th c. town. UNESCO. Want 3+ more days #
  • it is great that Obama won the Nobel peace prize. Go Obama! It is meant to give him more cred with his agenda. It is all good. #

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