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Tweets from Iguazu 2009-10-03

  • I think twitter needs spell check #
  • Bug bites on bottom of feet and ankles. Itchy. Getting a driver to take us into Brazil in AM to see Iguazu, birds and Itaipu hydro plant #
  • Bugs! Outside, dark I saw a “lady bug” that was 1″ long, a stick that was walking and super strong ants that are carrying really big stuff! #
  • So much water at Iguazu!! Wet jeans, hair, pizza, mud, cat walks, French tour groups, crazy birds, ant eaters, water, bugs, jungle, water! #
  • Note: If you go to Iguazu Falls bring an extra set of clothing. #
  • Getting all our gear onto to go hiking at Iguazu. Watched Gladiator on TV last night. #

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