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Tweets from Buenos Aires 2009-10-01

  • I should totally travel with a roll of packing tape. It was such a giant pain to find today. Note to self: add to packing list. #
  • 12 kg box shipped to LA. Whew. Lots of heavy new shoes, etc. That will help weight in suitcases. Flight to Iguazu in AM. MMM jungle time. #
  • Need another veggie restaurant in Palermo BA or Indian food. It is our last night here. Very sad 🙁 Must return soon. On to Iguazu Falls. #
  • Visited crazy Victorian zoo in BA. I think I pet a sloth! Great birds and owls. La Boca was pretty lame. San Telmo had nice antiques. #
  • Trying to ship box from BA to LA. It is probably easier to get into Harvard, #

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