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Tweets from Buenos Aires 2009-09-30

  • Expresso is always expresso. It is reliable. #
  • Margarita. Taking pictures of street art. Wandering around in Palermo at night. Tea at hotel bar. Trying to find missing laundry. Sleep. #
  • Visited Ricoleta cemetery. Took 200 pictures. Now at some posh little mall where all the old ladies are wearing fur coats. Tea time. #
  • Lingerie shopping at Jesusfernandez and vintage athletic shoe shopping at 28 Sport in BA. I wish I had a teleporter. #
  • Another slow start. So cold!! Going hunting for vintage shoes and then to explore the cemetery. Cabs today. #
  • We found this huge amazing bound collection of La Nacional newspapers from 1929 on the curb. Killer typography. Mailing it home. #

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