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My All Purpose Packing List

Somebody drew their packing list – brilliant! Image via

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my packing philosophy: My Maximalist Packing Manifesto. I probably sound like I pack  1,000,000 things in my suitcase, which isn’t true. I just believe that you should pack the things you will need and will use on the trip, not skimping for the sake of traveling light. In other words, I don’t start with a small suitcase and pack things into it. I start with a pile of things I want to bring and then I decide on the bag(s) to put that stuff into. I think it lends to a more civilized way to travel.

In order to make packing less stressful it is critical to have a good packing list. Over the years I have customized a packing list for myself — see below. I update it after every trip.  I often want to skip items on the list, thinking I won’t need them, but experience has taught me to pack it all. It’s better to be prepared.

So, here is my all purpose packing list (good for work or vacation) — feel free take it and customize it for your needs!

Note: You can download the list at the bottom of the post — just scroll down.


☐  tickets
☐  cash/foreign currency
☐  passport (and photocopy of passport, kept in separate bag)
☐  immunization booklet (if needed)
☐  international drivers license (if needed)
☐  itinerary – multiple copies
☐  maps and travel books
☐  notebooks and pens
☐  tea bags and snacks
☐  emergency contact info
☐  travel pillow (this is one item I actually skip most of the time)
☐  reading material
☐  umbrella
☐  business cards
☐  extra duffel bag
☐  extra Ziplocks/dirty laundry bags
☐  luggage scale

Tip: Start packing a week ahead of a trip. This will give you enough time to make decisions about what clothing and bags you want to take and not be rushed.


☐  phone and charger
☐  ear buds and audio splitter
☐  tablet and charger
☐  laptop and charger
☐  camera, charger, mini USB cable and extra battery
☐  Flip video camera
☐  travel power strip – you won’t have to worry if your hotel room has enough outlets
☐  travel speakers (if needed, I like having them for long trips)
☐  foreign power converter (if needed)
☐  flashlight/headlamp
☐  jump drive (wiped!)
☐  travel battery (to re-charge devices on the go)


☐  make up (lipstick, concealer, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, powder)
☐  contacts/saline
☐  deodorant
☐  comb/hair ties
☐  astringent/acne cream
☐  moisturizer w sunscreen
☐  hand sanitizer/handi-wipes
☐  birth control
☐  toothpaste/toothbrush
☐  shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash
☐  cotton balls/Q-tips (I bring 1 Q-tip for each day of the trip)
☐  nail file/scissors/polish
☐  first aid kit
☐  Woolite packets
☐  insect repellent/sunscreen
☐  tampons
☐  razor
☐  sewing kit and safety pins
☐  dry shampoo
☐  Sigg water bottle
☐  sunglasses
☐  wallet
☐  (2) large plastic envelopes for collecting receipts, postcards, misc.
☐  notebook and pens


Tip: Pick a color palette for the trip. It makes packing easier by limiting your options and insures that the things you pack mix and match well. I usually pick two neutrals and a bright. Some color palettes that I have used recently: black/white/silver, silver/black/hot pink, black/red/white, blue/black/brown, etc.

☐   pants (1pr jeans, 1pr leggings, +?)
☐   shorts (1pr for gym, 1pr for wearing out/lounging hotel room)
☐   coat/jacket/fleece/rain coat
☐   cardigan sweater(s)
☐   blazer
☐   tennis shoes/hiking boots
☐   sandals/flip-flops
☐   boots/heels/flats
☐   dresses – pack 5+ (easy to dress up/down, takes up little space, make dressing easy)
☐   bras/panties/lingerie – enough for a week
☐   socks (as needed) and 1 pr black opaque tights
☐   bikini and sarong (I always bring a bikini even if I’m not sure if I will need it)
☐   purses: black clutch and large high quality tote bag (this works well for a vacation or business trip)
☐   all purpose cotton/silk scarf (multicolored stripes go with everything)
☐   belts (I usually bring a red belt and a reversible black/gold belt)
☐   statement jewelry (x3) – a chunky necklace, cocktail ring, etc.
☐   t-shirts (neutral t-shirts and tank tops of various styles/necklines, plus some colorful ones)
☐   seasonal: hats, gloves, wool scarves

Download a copy of the list:

Download Packing List (.pdf)Download Packing List (.doc)

Have fun exploring the world!

What are your BEST packing tips?

July 9, 2013
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Weekly Tweets: Los Angeles 2010-01-02

  • 12 things that became obsolete this decade: land line, FAX, film, hand written letters, CDs, classifieds, encyclopedia #
  • Gracias!! RT @ParqueDelEste: Que bien ! RT @whereispatty Land/Arch Pics: (…) @Parque del Este – Roberto Burle Marx #
  • Dishes from @heathceramics packed in Expandos – green alt to popcorn. Check it out Video: #
  • More: Apartment Therapy post on ExpandOS – Crate & Barrel uses them too! #
  • Decade in Design (year by year): #
  • Neighborhood branding. "What if there was a lower west side?" #
  • interesting @narrowstreetsla altered pics of LA Streets to make them narrower. Sunset Blvd: + #
  • XBox for xmas… and suggestions on fun games to play? I am more into Tetris/Space Invaders /Pacman then killing people in 3-D #
  • Just made reservations @parkrestaurant for New Year's Eve! #
  • Cubicles are the Phone Booths of the Future : Essay by @benjamin_gran #
  • SO… I decided to change my last name when I get married in 2010. I am changing my name to Patricia Ann Lundeen Hume… or Patty Hume. #
  • too bad RT @highlysocial: Sixth artLA show, faced with poor economy and new competition, is canceled #
  • 2010 resolution: Buy a reusable water bottle + use it! 80% of 28 billion single serve bottles end up n landfills. Sigg: #
  • Good for u! RT @_bkt: down with internet censorship! just made an official request for Dubai to UNBLOCK #
  • Happy New Year everyone! Have a great 2010! #
  • #tenyearsago today I passed out in a grocery store in W. Phili. EMT thought I might be pregnant. I was not. #
  • #tenyearsago I lived at Spruce and 45 St, in Phili and was finishing grad school at PENN and working at Rohm & Haas as a web designer #
  • If you are interested in my landscape/architecture/ water /urban posts please follow me at @BREAK_urban. #
  • I am changing my last name to Hume when I get married soon. I am starting to transfer my online identity over in preparation. #
  • if you want 2 continue reading my personal tweets please follow me @PattyHume – I am going to stop broadcasting from @whereispatty soon #
  • The water features of Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy: #fountainfriday #waterfeature #
  • Thanks tetris splash looks great! RT @partymomma tetris splash #
January 2, 2010 0
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Fountain Friday Series Begins

What is Fountain Friday?
Starting in 2010, every Friday I am going to be blogging about a different historic fountain or water feature. I want to skip around the world and through time to look at how people have used water features as social, economic, environmental and artistic engines. I am kicking off the series this week with pictures from my trip to Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Rome.

Are you on Twitter?
I will be posting links to the articles via Twitter with the hashtag #fountainfriday.
Follow my personal tweets @PattyHume  and/or my landscape/urban/water tweets @BREAK_urban

Know someone who would be interested in Fountain Friday? Send them a link to this blog!

Want to blog/tweet about water features too? Feel free to use the #fountainfriday hashtag.

December 31, 2009 0
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Shopping in Palermo, BA

“Bring an empty suitcase!”
“Don’t pack any clothes!”

Before we left home,  I was warned to pack light by a couple of friends when they heard we were heading to Bueno Aires.  I didn’t listen and now I am sorry. Not only is there a lot of really interesting, unique clothing and accessories in BA, but the exchange rate is very favorable, too. In fact, we have been to distracted by shopping in the trendy neighborhood near our hotel, Palermo SOHO, that we have barely ventured outside the district to do any sightseeing yet.

You could plan a whole shopping trip to Buenos Aires.  Whether you have a week or just a day or two to shop Palermo make sure you check out these stores:

Papelera Palermo
Honduras 4945
(1414) Palermo
Tel/Fax: 4833-3081/3672

This is one of the best paper stores I have been to anywhere in the world. They have handmade books, portfolios, stationary, boxes, gifts. It is all unique, colorful one-of-a-kind and hand made. We walked out with half a dozen small hand made boxes covered in pretty paper, a handmade book and a bunch of amazing blank cards for about US $35.

Calma Chicha
Honduras 4909
(1414) Palermo
Tel: 0003-9237

This colorful housewares store is part IKEA and part fun leather goods store. They have brightly colored pillows, rugs, and bags and purses. We bought some great woven plastic placemats for out patio. And they had adorable plastic sippy cups for kids that were the shape of a cowboy boot (with spurs!) for about US $3. Too cute. This place is great for modern gifts with a subtle Argentine flair.

5112 El Salvador
(1414) Palermo
Tel: 4932-6961

Kusisa is a 2 month old women’s boutique on El Salvador where everything is made by the owner on site. The clothes are cheerful, have interesting form/detailing and are impeccably made. I bought a few dresses, some shirts, some skirts, one-of-a-kind panties and and a fabulous purple coat here all for about US $300. I have already noticed a number of people checking out my purple coat. I think I will be ordering more things from this store when I get back to Los Angeles. They also have a selection  children’s clothing. Off the beaten track but worth a visit.

NOTE: I’ll add more stores as the week goes on.

UPDATE:  We bought so much stuff that we needed to ship a big box of clothes and shoes back to Los Angeles. To send a box overseas you will need to get a cab to the main downtown post office in BA. They won’t let you send something over 2kg at the branch post office and there were no Pack n Ship type places that we could find. It wasn’t cheap. It cost about US $120 to ship a 30lb box home. But it was worth it to me as we still had a lot of cities to visit on our trip. The box arrived in LA about 2 weeks after we mailed it.

October 19, 2009 0
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