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Week in Photos: Walking in LA

This is an Instagram most photographed site — #ladyofthelake

When I got back to Los Angeles 10 days ago, I was feeling pretty out of shape. This was confirmed when I went to mat pilates and it just about killed me. So I decided to start walking A LOT.  Initially, the plan was to walk around Echo Park Lake every day for a week. But that turned out to be pretty easy. I even did it twice some days. I started listening to the Hunger Games on my phone which helped motivate me and make the walks go by quickly. I even walked to the Farmer’s Market last week instead of driving which was a first for me. Things are going so well, I decided to up the ante. I’m going to walk around the park every day for 30+ days. You can follow the highlights of my park wanderings and make sure I keep on task on Instagram.

The paddle boats are back! I love that I live in the middle of a city but I am only a 5 minute walk away from paddle boats and canoes.

It would be really nice if our manhole covers were made in California.

The lotuses are so colorful. — I’m kind of worried about them. They put netting over them to protect them this season but they are overgrowing it and the flowers are smashing up into the netting.

I am pretty Echo Park Lake obsessed right now. It just reopened after a major renovation and I’m still really excited about it. So be warned there will will probably be a lot of EPL posts for the next few weeks till I get it out of my system. I’ll try to make it interesting.

Get up and go for a walk every day this week — it will make you feel alive!

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Confluence Park, Los Angeles

Confluence Park recently opened in Los Angeles at the corner of N. San Fernando Road and N. Figueroa Street.

The project is a collaboration between Mia Lehrer + Associates and WET Design. The linear interactive water feature is meant to represents the Los Angeles River where it meets up with the historic Arroyo Secco. Come check it out. It is right next to Home Depot under the highway.

LINK: Watch Video of Confluence Park fountain

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Freeway to Parks: LA to “Cap” Highways

See link for more info and pictures.

Breaking news: AECOM just announces that they have the contract to design 4 freeway “cap” parks in Los Angeles. The project is expected to cost a trillion dollars and take 10 years to complete.

The one depicted in this picture looks like it might start about 6 blocks from my house.

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Los Angeles River – South (Downtown – Long Beach)


The rain finally broke yesterday and I was able to go on a FoLAR (Friends of the Los Angeles River) sponsored Los Angeles River tour that covered the south half of river from downtown out to the harbor in Long Beach. This is a section of the river that I didn’t know as well, since it is farther away from where I live. It was a gorgeous day and you could see the snow capped mountains in the distance at many of our stops along the river.

We stopped first in downtown Los Angeles at a section of the river that is frequently used in filming movies and TV shows. I believe the car chase in Grease was filmed in this section of the river. Then we headed to Maywood where we visited a new neighborhood park that is right up against the river. After that we had a quick stop at Compton Creek but the gates were locked due to the recent flooding. Compton Creek a soft bottom tributary of the LA River. After that we tacos and then stopped at at the constructed wetland next to the LA River in North Long Beach. This was my favorite stop. The river is wider here and they have build great bike paths and bridal trails along the river. Parallel to the river, and right next to it, is a lnear constructed wetland. There were a bunch of people on horse back riding along the river. I’ll write more about this part of the river in a later blog post. And finally we stopped an the constructed wetland at the harbor near the Queen Mary. I expected to see a lot of trash at the last stop but it has all been washed out to sea by the storms.

Here are a few of the images of the trip. Click on any of the photos below to see the whole set on Flickr.

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A Rare Luis Barragán Fountain at an L.A. Home?

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Luis Barragán is one of my favorite architects and the possibility that he may have designed this residential fountain in Los Angeles is really exciting. I came across this article in the LA Times Home and Garden section last year. I’d love to see it in person…

More on Luis Barragán:

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