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Snaps from Yellowstone National Park


Last summer Jonathan and I took a road trip and ended up driving 6300 miles, hitting 11 states and 9 national park in 3 weeks. It was a crazy whirlwind, and we had an amazing time. But when we get home I was so swamped catching up on real estate and landscape projects that I didn’t get around to posting photos of the trip. But I have so many great photos and videos I want to share, so I’m going to I’m going back through my photos this summer and picking out some of the highlights for the blog.

P1010714 P1010534 IMG_9975 P1010521 P1010577 P1010578 P1010616 P1010617 P1010632 P1010659 P1010681 P1010682 P1010685IMG_0032

If you get a chance go to Yellowstone. You won’t regret it.





Also, I kind of fell in love with Montana…