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Patty Lundeen = Patty Hume

Yes, that is right, I am changing my name when I get married in early 2010. My name will change from Patricia Ann Lundeen to Patricia Ann Lundeen Hume, or more commonly Patty Hume.
I am getting a jump start on the process by changing my online identity and starting to get people used to my new name. I am calling this Phase 1. Phase 2 is changing my bank accounts, drivers license, ss, passport, legal documents, credit cards, contracts, etc.

There is probably well over 100 documents I need to change. I don’t mind changing it conceptually but it is a pain and time consuming. I’m pretty sure that if men changed their names when they got married that it would make it easier. For example, the Social Security Administration could contact all the other government agencies and make a universal change. It would be so much simpler. Currently they only let the IRS know.

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