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Recommendations For Patty

Board of Directors

Analogous Projects

“Patty can stay calm in any situation, has a great eye, and always finds the answer no one thought of.” March 10, 2009

Marie Evelyn, Executive Director, Analogous Projects
worked directly with Patty at Analogous


Manager of Design


“I was in charge if of production operations and I found that Patty was not your typical Designer. I found her collaborative approach and willingness to work together very refreshing. I must admit She would never compromise the design intent but she always worked with Production to find a way. I highly recommend Patty!!!!!!” December 2, 2009

Jason Hall, Vice President, WET Design
managed Patty indirectly at WET


“While working with Patty at WET Design I experienced her as a consummate professional. Her reputation as a skilled and talented designer was always complimented by her innate elegance and exceptional articulation of concepts, ideas, cultural nuances, and ability to connect with people. When conversing with Patty you will quickly feel warmed by her genuine interest in who you are and the project you’re creating. Because she is a master at the art of blending art, humanity, nature, and technology – you will congratulate yourself for your brilliant decision to engage her services!” November 4, 2009

Bethany Auriel, Talent Development, WET Design
worked with Patty at WET


“The clarity with which Patty was able to guide and mentor a design studio comprised of landscape architects, urban planners, illustrators, media designers, architects, artists and consultants displayed her ability to synthesize ideas and give diplomatic direction. She was always personable, professional, well versed and organized and when coupled with the quirkiness that defines Patty, there was sure to be an ingenious solution to any challenge.” September 2, 2009

Emily Webster, Designer, WET Design
reported to Patty at WET


“Patty is not only an amazing designer and fountain of knowledge but has the unique talent of binding people together. Her ideas, knowledge and ability to make a group of variously talented peoples feel like a whole is definitely missed. She is practically perfect, in every way.” August 23, 2009

Bonnie K Thompson, Senior Choreographer, WET Design
worked indirectly for Patty at WET


“Sometimes working with people in different departments can be a challenge but it is the opposite with Patty. As a graphic designer, I appreciate her intelligent feedback and insightful honesty. She is always listening to the things that others have to say and seems to be taking everything into consideration. She is accurate, very professional, and at the same time, she is easy to work with. I would say that she is one of very few people who I strongly feel is not only a talented designer, but also has a very well-balanced personality. This is probably why she is able to create amazing work and maintain lots of positive relationships. Working with Patty is a pleasure.” July 15, 2009

Jane Moon, Graphic Designer, WET Design
worked with Patty at WET


“As photographer for WET Design I photographed many of Patty’s creations — from conception through grand opening. Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of photographing Patty’s latest design in Bremerton, Washington — PSNS Memorial Plaza. A departure from WET’s more traditional and grand-scale features, PSNS Memorial Plaza is both contemplative and joyful. Her time spent in this area of the Northwest allowed Patty to discover and understand ways to incorporate many facets of the culture and physical elements. Her work of art is a tribute to the people of this lovely town, the waters that run beside its borders and the earthen rock that supports its foundation. A wonderful achievement.” July 15, 2009

Martin Ledford, Photographer, WET Design
worked with Patty at WET


“Patty is confident, creative and passionate designer. I always have been admiring her guidance and professionalism managing the Design department. As a mentor and a professional individual, she helped designers to blossom in most optimal way as possible. I’ve also learned a lot from Patty through many years we’ve been working together. I am always grateful for that.” July 15, 2009

Jesse Im, Manager, illustration & animation, WET Design
worked directly with Patty at WET


“I was thrilled when I found out I was going to be working under Patty’s management. Patty Lundeen is fantastic at mentoring and design. Under her mentoring I was able to develop my skills, and I knew that Patty would always listen and consider my recommendations for improving the design department. Another of Patty’s qualities is that she is completely loyal to the company she works for — keeping the company’s interests above her own at times. Besides her own significant design skills and work history, she understands how to build a good team of designers and inspires them to keep improving through good advice and example.” July 15, 2009

Jenny Graham, Studio Coordinator, WET Design
reported to Patty at WET


“Patty was a wonderful manager to report to. I feel lucky to have worked with her. Patty has strong leadership skills and successfully brings people together into teams. She has the ability to recognize people’s individual strengths and motivates them to better themselves and their work. Patty has a positive attitude which compliments her caring and understanding personality and makes her highly valued as a leader. Patty’s design skills are vast and varied. She is able to see a project through from creation to completion and offers highly constructive criticism when working in a studio setting. Patty knows how to get any job done.” July 15, 2009

Benjamin Saks, Project Designer, WET Design
reported to Patty at WET


“Although Patty is not my direct manager, she has generously extended her guidance and support to me, offering to critique my personal design work. I greatly respect her design aesthetic, political navigation, and managerial skills that she has gracefully employed at WET. On a personal note, she also creates beautiful art and has a compassionate heart.” August 13, 2008

Larissa Brantner James, Digital and Media Coordinator, WET Design
worked directly with Patty at WET


“I recently had the pleasure to work with Patty at WET Design. Patty is not only a very talented designer she also processes a strong business sense. Patty is a hard working individual with years of experience in her field. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Patty again.” April 30, 2008

Kayleen Braden, Administrative Assistant, WET Design
worked directly with Patty at WET


Project Designer

WET Design

“Patty impressed me with her professionalism, talent, managerial skills and intelligence, and she was one of the managers I enjoyed working with the most at WET. She’s extremely capable of managing a very large project involving a large group of people without losing her cool. She treated everyone fairly and with dignity and never panicked. With critical deadlines always a factor, she met them with grace and competence.” September 13, 2008

Alina Hagen, Graphic Designer, WET Design
worked with Patty at WET Design


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