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Patty Lundeen Hume: YouTube Water Feature Portfolio

As many of you know, I worked for WET for over seven years designing and master planning water features, parks and plazas. We were fortunate to be able to work on landmark architectural projects all over the world and collaborate with really first-rate architects, engineers and designers. I find it really exciting and rewarding to work on these kind of iconic water projects in that they touch the lives of so many people.

Here are some YouTube clips of projects that I designed (shot by the general public):

Branson Landing – Branson, Missouri
Fountain during apocalyptic thunderstorm
Plaza Feature & Up Around the Bend in HD
Night  – Rocky Mountain Way
Night – Moondance
Day – The Start Spangled Banner

PETRO China – Beijing, China
Day Shot

Bremerton Harborside – Bremerton, Washington

Plaza Feature – non-musical show

Dog in Plaza Feature
Plaza feature with strange Chinese music dubbed over it

Teens film day at fountains
Stair feature

Fountain Park
Kids at Fountain Park
Fountain Park
Fountain Park Tour
Fountains lovingly dubbed to country music

Memorial Plaza
A short clip from camera phone
People playing in memorial like it is a water park

Lincoln Center – New York, NY
Video of the new fountain being tested

Brooklyn Museum – Brooklyn, NY
I didn’t design fountain but I did choreograph it.
A short film

Cool night shot

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