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Iguazu Falls = SOAKED


Note: I didn’t gain 40 lbs. I have my life jacket on inside my rain coat!

The Iguazu waterfalls are huge and amazing! WOW.  Imagine a much bigger Niagra Falls, where the water splits off in many directions, set in the jungle. Every way you turned you got another completely different view and experience.

We took a jungle +water adventure tour and ended up first seeing the falls from a boat with a group of French pensioners that kept signing french songs and doing the wave (on the bus and boat). They were having the time of their lives. 

Man, we got soaked! I mean really soaked. Jeans completely wet, hair wet, contents of backpack wet, totally totally drenched.  It was impressive and fun. We got some great pictures. I think at the time I was a bit crabby about how much water I ate. It was way more drenching than expected. We really should have packed extra clothing.

After the boat ride we got pizza and watched a bunch of unidentified (ant-eaters?) swarm a garbage can looking for pizza scraps. Then I bought an over-sized black moo-moo dress (with tassles along the hem) at the gift shop and ditched my wet clothing.  I am pretty sure I will never wear it again. And then we hiked out to the upper trail to see the falls from the top. There are a series of catwalks that connect the vegetated islands at the top of the falls.  The view and roar of the water was really impressive. We took a lot of pictures which I think came out well, but it is hard to capture the real scale of the place.

It was mostly overcast today and on and off sprinkles. It was a Friday and it seemed like the park must have been pretty quiet so we got to enjoy the falls in relative peace. We are going to head over to the Brazil side tomorrow and try to get some more pictures.

IMG_0338_modFrom the upper catwalk.

If you ever go to Iguazu my biggest piece of advice is bring an extra set of clothing. Maybe two.