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Hot Links: 08.08.2013


30 Days at Echo Park Lake

This weeks round-up of things I found on the internet:

  • Have you heard of jpegmini? It’s an app/website that reduces the size of your jpeg files without sacrificing quality.
  • A see-through car from 1939 – PHOTOS of the futuristic Pontiac Ghost car.
  • Want to be a wizard identifying AGAVES? — here is the Sunset plant guide.
  • Gala Darling on reasons who you should give up coffee ASAP + her favorite alternatives.

My week in Los Angeles –

  • I did it! This is day 31 of my 30 day goal to walk around Echo Park Lake everyday! It is the highlight of my day, so I am just going to keep going and see how long I can walk an unbroken chain of walks.
  • I’m still going full full throttle on my summer work-a-thon. This week I worked on 5 websites/WordPress sites, a set of green walls in an atrium, a portfolio and a new garden. + A bunch of great projects coming up. I’m still still trying to break my work up into 90 minute units, which is really working for me.
  • This week I am listening to Spanish for the Busy Housewife and Catching Fire (2nd book in The Hunger Games trilogy) on audio book.
  • The test garden is cranking out tomatoes, peppers and beans right now and a few late strawberries. I’m starting to daydream about the fall/winter garden…
  • I updated to Abobe CC ($50 a month), which is something I have been avoiding, but I knew I need to do. Hopefully it will improve my workflow and make me uber efficient.

Go enjoy summer!


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