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Water Walls of Roberto Burle Marx


Here are some pictures of water walls by Roberto Burle Marx that I have taken in Venezuela (c.2001) and Brazil (c.2009).

I find it particularly interesting to see the types of water expressions that he associated with the walls. Most of the time, water walls have some sort of water sheeting over the face of them. RBM does this in one case at Sitio Roberto Burle Marx, but most of the water wall examples have more unusual water expressions associated with them, such as falling water and sprays of droplets.

Parque del Este opened in 1961.
Sitio Roberto Burle Marx (his estate) was an ongoing project. I am not sure the exact dates of the water walls. He moved there full time in 1973. Does anyone know?

Note: In most of the cases the water walls are not operating in the photos, so you have to use your imagination a little. Click on any the images below to read my comments on each wall in Flickr.

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