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Blogcademy Bound!


One of my goals for 2013 is to improve my blog and possibly to combine it with my business/portfolio website, BREAKurban.

It is not so much a technical issue (I’m handy with WordPress and HTML), but rather a question about how I want to brand myself and what type of content I want to focus on creating. This is my catch-all blog (since 2004) where I talk about whatever is on my mind: landscape projects, travel, art, home organization, history, genealogy, fountains, plants, friends, food, etc. I don’t want this to change, but I want it to be more organized, polished and self aware. In other words, more professional.

I was going to work on this project on my own (i.e. slowly) – but then I found out a few days ago that Blogcademy had just scheduled a workshop in Los Angeles (April 6-7th). A lot of the people I follow on Instagram their last workshop and it looked like they had an a-m-a-z-i-n-g time. Basically 30 lady bloggers get together somewhere fabulous and take workshops on how to push their online presence and businesses to the next level. I think it is exactly the push I need right now. So yeah, I’m excited!



January 9, 2013 0
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Just married in Ubud, Indonesia!

Jonathan and I eloped and were married May 20th, 2010 in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

The ceremony was in the garden of the Indus restaurant/hotel in Ubud. We wore traditional Balinese wedding garments. The ceremony was a traditional Hindu Balinese marriage blessing full of flowers, rice, incense and offerings. It was incredibly beautiful.

This illustration gives the Balinese names for all the garments and accessories that made up the wedding outfits. You can’t tell in the picture above, but Jonathan had a sword suck into the back of his garment, just like the guy in illustration.

My headdress took about 90 minutes for the hairdresser to build out of 75+ metal ornaments. It was very heavy and sharp, but totally glam.

A lot of people have asked us about the ceremony. I’ll post more on that soon.

June 5, 2010 0
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Klemm Overall Factory, Bloomington, IL

Jonathan and I were in Bloomington, Illinois a couple of weekends ago for my grand parents 80th birthday. One of our friends at Intelligensia (in LA) told us to check out Coffee Hound in downtown Bloomington. Apparently they compete in the national barista competitions with Intel. So between family events we snuck off to downtown Bloomington, to get some coffee(tea).

We parked on the Square and were walking down a side street looking for Coffee Hound when we stumbled upon this building (see image below). I was flabbergasted. It was like seeing a ghost of a person you have only seen in a photo. I knew in an instant that this was the old Klemm Overall Factory!

My great-great-great grandfather C.W. Klemm owned a number of businesses including the Klemm Overall Factory. It was once the main competitor with Levi Strauss.  Sadly, Klemm’s continued to focus on overalls exclusively while Levi Strauss started expanding into denim pants (aka blue jeans). Klemm was eventually put out of business. (I think there is a lesson in this story…)


Anyway, I grew up my whole life thinking that this building burned down in the Great Fire of 1900.  My Grandma Honey, Marilyn Christ Anderson, told me she donated a big pile of half melted together overall buttons from the fire to the McLean County Historical Society decades ago. They must have had multiple buildings.

I inherited two pictures of the building (see below).



This is a picture of the upstairs sewing room at the factory. It kinda looks like the American Apparel of the 1880’s. These days the upstairs is being used by some club that runs model railroads. I would love to visit that the next time we in town.

I eventually pulled myself away from taking pictures of the overall factory (I think Jonathan thought I was a bit over excited) and we found Coffee Hound nearby. While not quite Intelligensia, it was a great place.  I love their old time store front, with high ceiling and original mosaic floors. We will definitely be back when we are in town.

April 6, 2010 0
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