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BREAKurban Case Study: Front Yard Patio in Echo Park


BREAKurban just finished the design of a patio garden in Echo Park. The client wanted a space to relax and entertain that was low maintenance. The property in a on a corner and the whole front yard is fenced in. There is no back yard, so the front yard needs to do double duty.


The paving is poured in place concrete with Del Rio gravel (paw and foot friendly) in the gaps.


A large aloe tree makes a statement at the corner of the bed. Protea, agaves, aloes, senecio, eurphorbia, aeonium. etc. fill the beds.

The plants are small now but will fill in to make a dense textured planting.


Purple lantana will fill in as a ground cover under the tree. Party lights will allow the space to be used at night.


The plan is to have more furniture on the patio. There is room for a big section couch and an outdoor coffee table.


And existing Papaya tree on drip irrigation.


The recycled brick path leads to the outdoor kitchen area and a place where there will eventually be an outdoor dining table.P1030627

Podocarpus hedges screen the driveway and the neighbors yards at both ends of the yard.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.28.00 PM

Sweet dreams!