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Bangalore: Romantic Vegetarian Dining in Palermo, Buenos Aires

So I took an online class on travel writing recently. I am still not sure if it is really my calling but here is one of my first assignments.
In a city known for steaks it can be daunting for out-of-towners to find a great vegetarian meal. Located in cool Palermo Hollywood, Bangalore is a cozy  hideaway that delivers a delicious veggie meal in a romantic setting. The first floor is small lively pub with a British-Indian colonial theme, inhabited by a crowd of creative looking 20-50 something locals. Scoot past the crowd at the bar, and ask for a table upstairs on the candle-lit mezzanine, covered in rugs. It is the perfect place to get comfortable and sit side by side with your date. While not completely vegetarian, the menu hosts a number of delicious veggie options. Try the vegetarian thali for two people that includes five veggie dishes plus rice and naan. The pumpkin curry, fresh pineapple chutney and homemade sweet corn cakes are particularly memorable. If you are thirsty, order one of Bangalore’s special citrus flavored gin & tonics. Don’t be shocked when they deliver a whole pitcher of it to your table. English menus are available. Dinner for two, drinks, and dessert run approximately US $40.

Humbolt 1416 (esq. Niceto Vega)
Tel. 4779-2621

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