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Hello! I’m Patty

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Hello and thanks for reading my blog! I’m Patty Hume, a realtor, landscape designer and place maker based in Echo Park, Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California. I’ve been blogging since 2004, originally as a travel diary. Over time is has grown to be more than that, with an increased focus on landscape, real estate, design, and growing our lives to be more the way we want them to be!  Patty Hume GROW is my personal blog, Patty Hume Real Estate (Keller Williams Los Feliz) is my real estate business, BREAKurban is my design studio.

I am originally from the Midwest (Cleveland, Ohio). I’ve been living in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California since 2002. My husband, Jonathan, and I live in Angelino Heights, a historic neighborhood on the edge of DTLA (downtown Los Angeles). We spend a lot of time fixing up our c.1906 Craftsman compound, working on our garden and exploring LA. I am obsessed with plants. We also have a home, Spirit Wind, in Joshua Tree where we spend part of our time. I believe in living life to the fullest. I love to travel (44+ countries and counting) and I am always planning our next big trip!


The Official Bio

Patty Hume is a REALTOR® at Keller Williams Los Feliz and landscape designer based in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and Joshua Tree, California. She is an expert at place making, place branding and creating experiences that excite the senses. She has a masters degree in Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a LEED AP. She is also a landlord and an Airbnb Superhost and has renovated a number of properties.

Originally from the Midwest, Patty received her BFA in Fiber (Textiles) at The Cleveland Institute of Art. She went on to earn to earn a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning (MLA) from the University of Pennsylvania. After PENN Patty worked for Margie Ruddick landscape in Germantown, PA as a Landscape Designer on east-coast residential and public projects.

Patty moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and joined the core studio at WET Design, the people who created The Fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  As a Senior Designer at WET she designed, detailed and choreographed one-of-a-kind water features and public spaces.  She also master planned the role of water in large city scale projects. During this time she spent a great deal of time in Asia and the Middle East. In 2007 she became Manager of the Design at WET and took over managing a talented team of architects, landscape designers, industrial designers, choreographers and consultants.

In 2009 Patty founded BREAKurban, a multi-disciplinary design studio in Echo Park, California. She consults on a select landscape, garden, media and real estate projects. All of her projects are contextual, one-of-a-kind and crafted with care. Increasingly called upon to select land for new construction projects, Patty decided to expand her design practice to include real estate and real estate consulting in 2013.

She approaches the business of real estate as a designer. Her goal is to help creative clients buy property and transform it into environments that support their lifestyle goals, to help her clients build wealth and to revitalize Los Angeles. She focuses on first time home buyers, listings and vintage properties. She has a great eye to see the potential in fixer properties. Also as a landlord and Airbnb Superhost herself, she understands the day to day challenges of property management.

Patty and her husband Jonathan spends most of their free time at Spirit Wind, their vacation home in Joshua Tree, working on a variety of creative projects. She has traveled to 44 countries and 44 states. Her goal is to visit 50 states and 50 countries by the time she is 50. Some of her most recent travels have taken her to Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Uruguay, Hong Kong and Bali.

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Patty (c.2010) discussing her fine art and design work
Cleveland Institute of Art: Alumni Profile – Patty Hume from Cleveland Institute of Art on Vimeo.
Patty believes: Everyone should work hard and play hard, live life to the fullest, that we should automate our lives so that we have more time to play, that it is important to leave places in better shape than when we found them, that gardening and cooking are important life skills that reap SO many rewards, that we are living in a golden age of television, we need to make cities work better and be more fun so that we can live more densely, that it is important to go places where we can’t speak the language, that when you are sad you need to get a manicure, that we should try to observe at least one new thing everyday, that we are all riddled with contradictions, that plants are sexy, that we will all be buzzing around in self driving cars very soon and that there is endless joy to be found in pattern and color!

The Blog

I first started blogging in 2004, as a way to stay in touch with my friends and family when I was traveling over 50% of the time for work. As my life has changed the blog has evolved (and continues to evolve!) to be what you see today, PATTY HUME GROW.  Today, I blog to transfer information, to bring joy and to add value to the world. With two design degrees, a lot of frequent flier miles and real world experience, my aim is to inspire and share content that my readers can use in their own lives. I believe we all have important knowledge and experiences we can share with others and this is how I share mine. I find that blogging helps me stay focused on growing and doing new things. Also, blogging has also allowed me to make all kinds of new friends and clients around the world!

The Studio: BREAKurban

BREAKurban, my landscape design studio, was officially launched in 2009. I design and consult on a variety of design projects both locally and internationally. My focus is on creating memorable places and experiences. Due to the increased demands of my real estate practice and Spirit Wind, I need to be very selective about the design projects I take on. Most of my local landscape projects are in Echo Park and Silver Lake, Los Angeles. I find that working on projects close to me, allows me to put the maximum amount of love and craft into them.

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